Why Would A Plumber Need A Restricted Electrical License?

Mar 20, 2022

A Restricted Electrical License qualifies tradespeople to perform electrical work relevant to their particular trade. In the case of plumbers, plumbers with a Restricted Electrical License are allowed to perform certain electrical work on hot water systems. But not every plumbing business has plumbers with a Restricted Electrical License. Read on to learn why a plumber would need a Restricted Electrical License and the benefits that come with hiring a plumber with this valuable qualification.

Plumbers With A Restricted Electrical License Can ‘Do It All’

Plumbers with a Restricted Electrical License are simply more qualified than plumbers without this qualification. They, therefore, have extra skills that can get the job done all in one go. For example, at Brisbane Metro Plumbing, we pride ourselves on offering a ‘do it all’ service. From installing or removing the old tank to the electrical connection, we have plumbers on board with their Restricted Electrical License, meaning we can swiftly rectify hot water issues.

Reduce Hot Water Installation Costs

With several team members on board at Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas with their Restricted Electrical License, we have the ability to disconnect and reconnect your new hot water system to the mains power supply at no extra cost to you. It means our clients can skip calling an electrician and fronting the bill – as the job has already been completed. Aside from saving cash, this is also a massive time saver for customers too.

Improves Hot Water Installation Efficiency

When a plumber has a Restricted Electrical License, they drastically improve overall efficiency. If you have a hot water system that is not working, Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas can identify the fault to accurately diagnose the cause. Resolving the issue can even be as simple as a thermostat or element replacement. Our team always carries parts to resolve these hot water system issues in their vehicles. We can get most hot water systems up and running on the spot. While rare, in the worst cases, we can install a temporary system until a team member can come back and install your new system. To avoid any hidden costs with your hot water system installation or repair, it is vital all components, including electrical work, are included in the quote. At Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas, we always ensure every component of the service is fully quoted.

Improved Work Experience Opportunities

Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas proudly provides opportunities for school-based work experience high school students on a regular basis. By employing a team of highly qualified plumbers, we get to enrich their learning experience while encouraging young plumbers to level up their qualifications in the future too.

Install Or Fix Your Hot Water System With Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas

Our family-owned Brisbane plumbing business proudly services the entire South East Queensland region. Whether you need to book a hot water system installation or repair or need to resolve any other plumbing issue, Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas will rectify your issue swiftly and efficiently. Contact us here to learn more about our services. If you require emergency plumbing services, please call our after-hours number: 0427 809 998.

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