5 Things To Check Before Replacing Your Hot Water System

Mar 12, 2022

Let’s set the scene. You wake up on a brisk morning, ready for a warm shower to ease into your day. You turn the tap on to find that the water won’t heat up. What do you do?

At this moment, most people would jump straight into fix-it mode and search for a new hot water system that will be delivered and installed quickly. This is where a lot of people end up spending more money than required, on services that are not necessary.

This blog will offer you the education and insight that you need to troubleshoot your hot water system and know when to call a plumber – rather than just lashing out and buying the first hot water system that you find.

We know you might be thinking, “Why would they give away potential business, like that?” But the truth is, this is the exact troubleshooting process that our staff would go through before advising a new system – because we don’t want you to spend money you don’t need to spend. We are here to help.

So, let’s get into it. Here are the 5 things that you should check (or ask your plumber to check) before replacing your hot water system.

5 Things To Check Before Replacing Your Hot Water System

1. The Age of the System (& Electrical Components!)

First and foremost, check the electrical components in your fuse box. Note the size (AMPS) of the circuit breaker. Although it’s hard for the average homeowner to know what size a circuit breaker should be, it is valuable information that you can provide to your plumber or electrician before making the call out. This is vital during replacement so we can quote you the correct size tank for your property. We may even be able to upsize your tank to increase hot water capacity.

2. Rust Stains Coming From Around the Hot Water System Tank

Are there any visual signs of corrosion? If there is, it will generally occur around the top and base of the tank. Unfortunately, corrosion is often hard to repair and it’s not uncommon for this to end in a whole replacement. However, sometimes corrosion can indicate a leak in the system – which has the potential to be repairable. A good plumber will be able to provide tentative advice over the phone, which could cut your waiting times in half when it comes to the replacement system.

3. Water Heat, Flow & Pressure 

So often, we are called with complaints of water ‘running out’ or the hot water being inconsistent. More often than not, this is actually the fault of a tempering valve as opposed to a faulty hot water system. This issue does need to be addressed by a plumber, but if we’re comparing the call out fee of a plumber to the cost of a whole hot water system replacement, there is a clear winner. Enough said.

Water pressure and flow are some of the most common problems we see in the plumbing world. They can be caused by a number of things, but are more often than not worth getting looked at by a trusted plumber before you add a new system to your cart. An error with the pressure limiting valve or a hidden leak is usually the culprit, so inspect your system for signs of either. 

4. Loud Sounds Coming From Tank or Excess Water

On the other hand, if you have noticed excess water discharging from the drain, there is a high chance your valve is at fault and needs to be replaced too. Again, you will need a plumber for this – but it will save you big money on a new hot water system. Sometimes excess water can be the result of a high temperature inside the tank and will require a plumber who also has a restricted electrical license and is qualified to perform minor electrical work on your hot water system. Thankfully, Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas are proud to have a number of plumbers on our team with this license – so we’ve got you covered if you’re in this boat.

5. Water Colour and Smell 

Last of all, brown or discoloured water is obviously a red flag but it really just means there is slight internal rust in the hot water system. Sometimes, this can be fixed by replacing components and other times, a hot water system replacement is required. Either way, having a plumber check this before arranging your new system could save you big dollars.

So, as you can see, there are a number of tips and tricks to check on before spending the money on a whole new hot water system. Here at Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas, we ensure to check all of these things before advising a new hot water system, as we are here to help you – not the other way around. If you’re ever in need of expert hot water advice, contact our friendly team!

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