What To Do For Burst Pipes – In Order!

Oct 25, 2022

BANG! PSSSSSHHHH! It’s a sound that will make any homeowner shudder. Of course, we’re talking about a burst water pipe. It’s commonly believed that these only happen at the worst times, but is there a good time for them to happen? As you wade towards where you think the water is flowing from, your mind is probably in action mode, so you may forget some important steps. 

Check out our emergency guide on what to do for burst pipes – in order! By following these tips, you’ll be guided through how to handle a burst pipe, no matter how severe. If you’ve already stopped the leak, just go over our notes to make sure you haven’t missed a crucial step while you wait for the plumbers to arrive. 

What To Do For Burst Pipes | brisbane metro plumbing



Did Your Pipe Just Burst? Start Here!

Step 1 – Turn Off Water Main:

Quickly locate the leak (walk, don’t run so as not to slip). As soon as you see the source, go and shut off your building’s water supply. The pipe will continue to leak as the water already in the system flows through, but at least you’ve stopped the source. 

Finding your water main –

If you’re in a house, townhouse or even a smaller apartment complex, your water main is usually located outside, at the front corner of the house, these are commonly hidden in a black or green water meter box. If you live in an apartment building, there’s likely an isolation tap somewhere. It’s usually under a laundry or kitchen sink.


What To Do For Burst Pipes |  Brisbane metro plumbing

Step 2 – Turn Off Power:

If you think the water leak may reach any electrical outlets or plugs, turn this off immediately at the switchboard. If you think it’s too late, do not step back into a flooded zone until a plumber arrives. If your burst pipe has damaged an electrical outlet, ignore all the following steps except for calling a plumber. While on the phone, make sure they know the situation so they can prepare accordingly. 


Step 3 – Call an Emergency Plumber:

Once the problem has been stopped, call an emergency plumber. Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas offer 24/7 emergency services in Brisbane. Call now: After hours – 0427 809 998, Office hours – (07) 3491 8489. We’ll have a plumber to your door asap. If you’re outside of our service zone, contact your nearest emergency plumber.


Step 4 – Put Down Buckets:

If there’s still a slow leak or dripping, put down some buckets or towels to catch them. While you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive, you can take care of some of the smaller jobs. 


What To Do For Burst Pipes |  brisbane metro plumbing


Step 5 – Get Rid Of The Water:

Start mopping up the water and throwing down dry towels on the ground. Wipe down any wet walls to make sure the plaster or cabinetry doesn’t warp. Just pat dry the walls as rubbing may damage the paint or materials. 


Step 6 – Open The Windows:

To help the water dry out, open the windows to improve airflow. If you’re confident no electrical damage occurred, you can turn on some fans or even the heater to help dry up the moisture. If you use heat to dry the area, consider keeping a dehumidifier on so any moisture doesn’t turn into condensation on the walls and roof. 


Step 7 – Take Photos Of The Damage:

You may need to make an insurance claim, so document everything that looks damaged from the burst pipe. Under most Australian insurance providers, burst pipes and associated damages will be covered. It’s important you have good documentation of all damages.


What To Do For Burst Pipes |  Brisbane metro plumbing

Save Brisbane Metro Plumbing’s Details For When Disaster Strikes

Don’t let a burst pipe ruin your day. Brisbane Metro Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency plumbing across the Brisbane region. Just save our details early so that when disaster strikes, you can quickly find a solution. Call now: After hours – 0427 809 998, Office hours – (07) 3491 8489.

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