Most Common Spots Leaks Happen In The Home

Aug 24, 2022

Home leakages may seem like a small issue at first, but over time they can grow into a huge problem for your house and your bank account. Leaks not only waste water but can damage your home or even attract pests.

Think of your plumbing system as an iceberg – you only see a fraction of what’s happening beneath the surface. So while we might all dread a burst pipe that floods a room, sometimes a trickling can be just as damaging.

Luckily, if you take the right steps, this will never happen to your home. One of the best ways to protect your home is to understand what to look for and common places leaks occur.


1. From Your Sink Or Taps

This issue is by far the most common we see as far as leaks go. Luckily it also tends to be the easiest to fix.​​ Generally speaking, if your tap spout is leaking, it’s a sign the washer needs to be replaced. Sometimes you’ll find the faucet handles themselves are leaking – this is a sign the O-ring has worn out and needs replacing.

2. Under Your Sink

Next is a bit of a sneakier issue. While you may rummage under your sink for your toiletries or other items, this spot tends to be more covered, so a leak can go undetected. If you touch the pipe and your fingers come back wet, or the surrounding wall/cabinets are wet, that’s as good a sign to call the plumbers as anything.

3. Around Your Toilet

Wet floors are not what you want to feel when you step into your toilet. If your loo is leaking around the base, it’s a guaranteed sign you need to call a plumber. A toilet leak often takes the form of puddles next to your toilet or moisture seeping out through the sealant. Also, we’ll be saying this a lot, always check behind your toilet to ensure your pipes haven’t sprung a cheeky leak. Feel around the back, near the waste pipe and any nearby walls for moisture.

4. Your Water Heater

Water heaters are another spot people rarely think to check for leaks – especially because they’re outside. If you have yours on the lawn or in a garden, it’s much harder to check for water leakages.

A lot of the time, you will hear a leak before you spot visual signs of water damage. Because of how much water that goes in and out of your heater, this can be quite pricy to ignore. That’s why it’s so important to follow a regular service schedule completed by a qualified plumber.

The spots most likely to leak in your hot water system are:

  • The top of the heater
  • The bottom
  • Inside (no visible signs of a leak)


5. Your Washing Machine

The tubes behind your washing machine pump more water than anywhere in your house, except for your shower. Most of the time, your washing machine pipes are facing the wall, or are covered with cabinetry, making leak spotting much harder. If your pipes aren’t secured properly or break, it can cause major damage to your home before you realise it.

Next time you do your laundry, tap around the base of the washing machine to make sure it’s dry because a leak at the back can trickle to the front. Also, make a habit of checking behind the machine for puddles or signs of water damage to the wall/cabinetry. Finally, run a hand along the pipes themselves so feel for water running down the outside.

6. Showers or Bathtubs

It’s pretty expected that your shower or tub is going to be wet. That’s how so many leaks in this area go under the radar. These places are made to be water resistant, so you’re not likely to spot water damage either.

Be vigilant in the shower and keep an ear out for the sound of leaks, which tend to sound like a high-pitched hissing. Also, feel around the head or faucet for any streams trickling in unusual places. Water pressure is another sign that a leak is happening out of sight. Prolonged leaks can make mould spots or calcium streaks, which are the clearest sign of a leak.

7. Walls & Ceilings

Few leaks make your heart drop to the same level as a stain on your ceiling or wall. If you spot a stain, it means something has gone wrong inside the walls of your house. It can mean anything from a broken pipe, overflowing drains, or flood damage. Of course, a stain more than likely means a light leakage, but it’s not something you want to let continue. More serious leaks will take the form of water dripping through your ceiling, puddles, paint bubbles and even chipping.

8. Outdoor Water Fixtures & Pipes

Oftentimes outdoor leaks are ignored because they won’t cause structural damage. Turning a blind eye can be costly. Check your outdoor taps for signs of water stains on your home or extra green patches of lawn. If a pipe has burst under your home this can be detected by muddy spots or green spots on the lawn. Your lawn in this area may also grow taller than the rest. If you have a main line leak the rest of your plumbing will likely lose pressure. You can check this on your water meter. If you ever suspect a main leak, make sure to shut your water off immediately.


If you have a leak, Brisbane Metro Plumbing can fix it. Our plumbers are all highly experienced and will get the job done fast, within the quote, and with respect for you and your household. We can offer water efficiency and gas compliance certifications when required, and if you’re really stuck in a pickle, we offer emergency plumbing and after-hours services. We’re a one-stop shop for all of your plumbing needs! Contact us today to learn more or book your service.

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