How To Save Water On Your Property in 14 Easy Steps

Nov 7, 2022

Brisbane Metro Plumbing, Saving Water, Brisbane, Queensland, SEQ Water, North Lakes Plumbing, Brisbane Metro Plumbing, Sustainability

Water is a vital natural resource and brings much alleviation to Queensland’s unforgiving climate, so it’s important that we are all conscious of how much water we use. SEQ Water predicts that if 1-million people in South East Queensland make a commitment to save just three litres of water a day, we could save 3 million litres of water every day. Conserving water is easy and can help you save a lot of money on your bills if you are committed to making some necessary changes to your daily routine. The team at Brisbane Metro Plumbing are committed to helping you save water and money longterm by helping you detect issues as early as possible; to help with this we’ve put together 14 Easy Tips On How To Save Water On Your Property.


Bathroom/ Laundry

Brisbane Metro Plumbing, Saving Water, Brisbane, Queensland, SEQ Water, North Lakes Plumbing, Brisbane Metro Plumbing, Sustainability

  • Reduce shower time: A great starting point to being more sustainable is reducing the length of time you are in the shower with the water running. A typical Queensland household uses anything between 6 to 45 litres of water per minute. The optimal time for showering is around 4 to 5 minutes per shower. If each household did this, we could reduce water usage by up to 20 percent and save on energy costs as well. If you’re trying to cut down on shower times, try using a shower playlist or setting a timer to lure yourself out.


  • Switch to a water-efficient shower head: Another way to cut water usage in the shower is to switch to a water-efficient shower head which uses around 9 litres of water per minute, unlike older styles of showerheads that use around 15 litres per minute. A 5-minute shower with a 3-star shower head makes up a saving of 80 percent on the hot water used.
  • Collect water to reuse: While you are waiting for the water to heat up, place a bucket under the shower head to collect water for your indoor plants or garden.
  • Check your toilet for leaks: An easy way to check your toilet for leaks is to put some food colouring in the tank, and if without flushing, the colour begins to appear in the bowl within half an hour, you have a leak that needs repairing immediately. If this is the case, then you can call our team of professionals at Brisbane Metro Plumbing to assist you with the issue 24/7.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water: Heated water takes up roughly 90 percent of your washing machine’s electricity, you’ll save water and money by using cold water. There are many benefits to washing your clothes with cold water it can help your clothes last longer and help in slowing the fade of colours and shrinking of fabrics. It’s important to note that hot or warm water is still recommended for some loads of laundry: such as towels, linen and heavily worn work clothing as it is most effective at killing bacteria.



Brisbane Metro Plumbing, Saving Water, Brisbane, Queensland, SEQ Water, North Lakes Plumbing, Brisbane Metro Plumbing, Sustainability

Get any leaks fixed immediately: A significant way to reduce your water usage is to make sure that you get leaks in your bathroom and kitchen repaired by a professional. A hot tap leaking at the rate of one drip per second wastes 6288 litres of water every year. Hidden leaks are especially dangerous as they can lead to structural damage and mould growth over time. If you have a leak that you need to get fixed, don’t delay in getting it repaired, book in an appointment with our team at Brisbane Metro Plumbing.

  • Always fill up your dishwasher: Use less hot water by running your dishwasher only when it’s full and by choosing shorter economy-wash cycles. If you are worried shorter cycles might not get your dishes clean enough, you can rinse them in cold water before putting them into the dishwasher.


  • Use minimal water when washing dishes: If you don’t have a dishwasher, we recommend filling up a sink rather than leaving the water running while rinsing dishes by hand. If you have two basins, fill one with soapy water and the other with rinsing water.

We couldn’t survive without water – quite literally. Using these tips will help make you more efficient, and using less hot water will help you save on your energy bills too.

Other Factors to consider

If you are living in an older house, chances are your taps, toilet and shower heads are not water-efficient. Make sure to look for the most energy and environmentally sustainable option when installing and replacing your old appliances, it will save you in the long run with the cost of your water bill. It’s also important to make sure you get regular maintenance plumbing on older appliances to help you detect any issues early and prevent more serious costs in the future.



Brisbane Metro Plumbing, Saving Water, Brisbane, Queensland, SEQ Water, North Lakes Plumbing, Brisbane Metro Plumbing, Sustainability

It is not just within the home that we need to reduce our water use. There are lots of opportunities to reduce, recycle and reuse water in your garden and backyard.

  • Resist using a hose outdoors: Queensland often encounters water restrictions during heatwaves and flood season, however when restrictions are not in place you can still use water wisely by cleaning your driveway, balcony, and deck patio area with a broom instead of a hose. If necessary you can try spritzing the broom with some cold water to clean difficult areas.


  • Keep your pool covered: Keep the water in your pool topped up with a UV-resistant pool cover. Without a cover, more than half of your pool water can evaporate.
  • Install a rainwater tank: If your household is conscious in doing their part for the environment, then harvesting rainwater is a must. The increased adoption around Australian homes isn’t unsurprising given its benefits – reducing water bill costs, lessening flooding, and mitigating water pollution. Brisbane Metro Plumbing can help you with water tank installation, water filter installation and replacement, and water pump replacement and repair.


  • Reduce water usage in your garden: Choosing an optimal time to water your plants and garden will help reduce water loss through evaporation. The best time to water your garden is in the early morning, or early evening; this allows plants to sufficiently supply themselves with water before the next day’s heat. Another way to reduce water use in the garden is to use a can rather than a hose when watering your garden or plants. A hose can use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour. When building your garden, make smart and water-efficient choices like slow‑growing, water-saving lawn types such as Palmetto, and local native plants, which require less maintenance and watering.
  • Use a bucket when washing your car: When washing your car, park it on the lawn. Use a bucket, rather than a hose, for washing and rinsing. This will help you save water and keep your lawn happy. 

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