5 Plumbing Myths & Misconceptions That You Should Never Believe

Mar 21, 2022

There are plenty of plumbing myths and misconceptions floating around in the world, and a lot of them are untrue, but there are a couple that we here at Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas thought we’d shed light on, as they are some pretty important things to know whether you’re a homeowner, or just renting. Read on to learn more.

Myth #1 – Leaking Taps Can Wait to Be Fixed

A common issue that is overlooked is dripping taps/leaking toilets. Sure, leaving these amenities with a slight leak may seem harmless, it is your water bill that is going to reflect that if you leave it leaking for too long. Even over a 24 hour period, that seemingly small amount of water can have a pretty big impact on your wallet.

Myth #2 – Any Plumber Can Do Any Job

This is a big one! Plumbers are pretty skilled, but not all plumbers have the same ones. Not just different specialty areas, but different licenses as well. For example, here at Brisbane Metro Plumbing, most of our technicians have Unrestricted Gas Licenses, so we’re able to undertake gas works and install hot water systems and replace gas appliances throughout your home. Make sure that the plumber that you hire is actually licensed and qualified to do so – any plumber who is won’t hesitate to prove it!

Myth #3 – Liquid Drain Cleaner Will Fix a Clogged Drain

When there’s a clog in the sink, a lot of people run straight for the crystal or liquid drain cleaner, and will often rinse and repeat the process if there isn’t any immediate change. Sometimes, this can be doing more harm than good. Erosive chemicals aren’t going to fix a clogged drain if you have something like tree roots blocking it, which is more common than you think. And if you continue to repeat the process, you could be damaging your drains. If it doesn’t really go away with household products, call a plumber.

There are plenty of plumbing myths and misconceptions but there are a couple that we here at Brisbane Metro Plumbing & Gas think are pretty important.

Myth #4 – Flushable Wipes Can Be Used As Toilet Paper

Flushable wipes are notorious for clogging sewerage pipes or even whole sewerage lines by clumping into massive balls of let’s say ‘caca’. Despite the name, flushable wipes do not break down at the same speed as toilet paper, meaning they are more likely to cause blockages before they get to the main drain.

What’s worse, if they don’t cause a problem for your home, they can cause a bigger issue for your suburb if several households are making the same issue. Blockages like this became more frequent during the pandemic. So next time the panic buyers stockpile all of the TP, just remember to bin your flushable wipes instead and save an expensive call-out.

Myth #5 – Cold Water From Your Hot Water System Isn’t Harmful, Just Unpleasant

Sure, no one enjoys a cold shower, but some people put off hot water repairs thinking it’s not a huge priority! Like, what’s the harm of a few cold showers?

Well, to answer your question, Australian hot water tanks must be kept above a minimum of 60°C at all times to prevent legionnaires disease. This illness can be contracted by breathing in small droplets of water from the air. All it takes is two to ten days before legionella bacteria takes hold in your hot water tank. That means it’s in your best interest to organise a replacement or repair ASAP.

So, there you have it – five plumbing myths and misconceptions that you should never believe. If you want a plumber who is always going to help you bust a myth and give you good, honest advice, give our friendly team a call on (07) 3491 8489 during business hours or 0427 809 998 after hours.

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